[THEQOO] Baby Monsters' Ahyun sang 'Dangerously' and Rami sang 'Dinosaur'.

girl friend Born in 2007.
Ahyeon (Jung Ahyeon)
Rami (Sin Haram)
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Baby Monsters' Ahyun sings 'Dangerously' + Rami's 'Dinosaur'

1. Yes, we call this a singer.

2. Has it been since 2007? Crazy, this made me feel real. Girls these days are really amazing.
3. We need to stop recruiting women who can't even sing a verse of their own song and hire more women like that… Wow, the talent is amazing.
4. I hope there will be more rookies who use ‘talent’ as their strength. I stop being a popular idol and get anxious when I have to go on stage and sing. I hope all talented idols succeed.
5. Show that you were selected based on your abilities. Companies like YG will always succeed
6. Wow, the future of KPOP is bright.

7. Women like them are singers.
8. Oh honestly, these days there are only girls who can't even play notes, so it was refreshing to see them sing live hahahahaha
9. Wow, that's the real problem. They are compared too much to most groups haha. They have talent so they will survive.
10. A lot of concerts are being released these days, so I don’t think I would believe it if it wasn’t a live encore. But when I saw the answer behind it, I wondered if this was real haha.

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