Netizens discuss the news that HYBE stated that they will reduce their dependance on BTS and enhance their gaming business

HYBE is a company that tries to reduce their financial dependence on BTS and increase their gaming business.

1. It’s good to see them reduce their dependence financial of BTS sale, however, the question is… what is this the way to play business? …?

2. BTS Please don’t keep your current contract HYBE and be sure to leave your HYBE contract soon.

3. They’re constantly saying they’re working to reduce their dependence on BTS However, If HYBE does not have BTS it will be in a mess.

4. I am in love with HYBE creating new businesses however, it is a bit irritating that they constantly say they’ll reduce their dependance on BTS. In reality, everything is set using BTS

5. If you wish to reduce the dependence you have on BTS You should not play BTS gameskkk your primary source of entertainment.

6. What happens if HYBE be transformed into a gaming company?

7. Are HYBE an entertainment or game business?

8. The company is greedy I believe it’s better to concentrate on the music

9. I’m hoping BTS will not leave HYBE as well. HYBE will be destroyed

10. It’s strange that a company in the entertainment industry is so obsessed in games..


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