Pentagon’s Yeo One suffers injuries after an accident in the car and stops activities

1. For clarification: He was the one who faced the accident and was not the driver who was drunk.

2. Drunk drivers… We really require more harsh sentences!

3. I wish him quick recovery

4. I wish him a speedy recovery.

5. Drivers who are drunk should be barred from driving for ever

6. He was famous on “Masked the Best Singer’. I’m sure he will recover soon.

7. Drunk driving must be treated as an attempted murder

8. Drunk drivers must be punished for life in prison



1. What a tragedy. I’m hoping he gets better

2. I’m a huge fan of another, but I have a friend who was injured in a car accident and I am able to relate. I pray that he heals and returns soon. It’s so wonderful that he did not lose his life. I’m hoping that whoever was involved in the crash gets 1000 years of punishment…

3. It was their first return to the air after Jinho’s return. It was also likely their last one before the time Hongseok is enrolled into the military. The group have just had their first public broadcast #1 since their debut. I can’t imagine how shattered Changgu must be feeling.

4. Why don’t people contact designated drivers? Why do people drink and drive?

5. Yeo Changgu, don’t get injured

6. Hul..

7. Aigoo

8. Sigh…


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