Split reaction to New Jeans’ new single ‘Super Shy’

Article: “Highly addictive” vs “Not enough Hangeul lyrics” New Jeans’ new song ‘Super Shy,’ divided response.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+213] All of New Jeans’ songs up until this point have been pretty shocking and this new one doesn’t seem to live up to those expectations. For the general public who are not fans of them, I think the responses to this will be very divided.

[+171] The truth is that I don’t like it… even foreigners have said that it’s a song that easily makes them feel weak.

[+135] Not as good as their previous songs ?

[+121] Personally, I think Korean idol groups should have more Korean words than English words in their songs. Even if they have foreign members, they are still a Korean idol group at the end of the day~

[+49] I have to admit that it could be better ㅠ But their tops and title songs have been really good so far… so they’re being compared to some of the best songs.

[+30] I think they introduced a lot of classic styles by now. It’s the kind of song that people hate at first but then warm to as they listen to it over and over again.

[+7] I don’t have any complaints about the lack of Korean words ㅋ the only thing that matters is that the song is good. If you need more words, go listen to a rap song.

[+6] Their previous songs were pretty good so I had high hopes… maybe their next title will be even better

[+4] The new Jeans did not live up to their previous performances

[+3] Not enough Korean words? So why does no one have a problem with Baek Yerin releasing an entire song in English?

[+3] Let’s face it, it’s not good. Maybe they’ll take it easy this time and come out with something better next time.

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