[INSTIZ] Choi Yena "song title ‘i hate rodrigo’, i wanted to maximize my feelings of affection and longing"

The title track, ‘Hate Rodrigo’, is a cute song about jealousy, where you try to deny your crush on the object of your envy, but you can’t help but admit it at the end. Choi Yena expresses the feelings of jealousy and longing that everyone has felt but swallowed without being able to express them easily.

“‘Hate Rodrigo’ is a cute and honest expression of various emotions such as longing and jealousy that we feel for the object of our envy,” explains Choi, “I used a wry expression to maximize my affection and longing for that person.”

“It’s a feeling of ‘how was I born like this?'” said Choi Yena, adding, “I will do my best to show my sincere lyrics and performance.”

Source: Instiz / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Choi yena “song title ‘I hate rodrigo’, I wanted to maximize my feelings of affection and longing”

1. How-He, Better-He

2. ? But hate is a word used for feelings of dislike.

3. “Longing”…?

4. So you’re using “hate” to describe “longing”?

5. I should have hidden the word with “XX”… I understand the meaning, but the title is very prone to misunderstanding.

6. So she decided to come back without changing the name of the title ㅠㅠ please…

7. Oh…

8. Who is Rodrigo??? Is that someone’s name?
> A foreign singer

9. This is all just hype marketing.

10. She’s going to get really mad if someone says “I hate Choi Yena.”

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