Got the Beat and Step Back’s first music show stage brought out

1. Wow BoA dancing is own class.

1. BoA is awesome.

3. We truly love our unnies.

4. BoA: Crazy

5. The best of BoA is BoA

6. The pucca buns tend to be adorable on Winter.

7. Wendy sung very well.

8. I’ve great admiration for BoA.

9. Exactly why did she go solo? Only BoA stands out to me

10. Taeyeon appeared way way too beautiful, insane!

11. Karina looks pretty.

12. Wow! This’s fascinating! Anyone is able to see that somebody used to be a solo here!

13. My attention was truly drawn to the BoA. Incredibly well.

14. Winter is just too cute!!

15. Jjang Hyoyeon.

16. Seulgi-yah!

17. BoA is BoA… Her voice and dance are the greatest of the greatest.



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