Preview of Nmixx’s Sullyoon from JYP’s fresh girl group 

1. Eyes… are the mainstay of from the spotlight.. She’s gorgeous!

2. I’m looking forward to it.

3. I can only look into her eyes

4. Wow, her face is amazingly tiny

5. Is this a formal calendar before the date of their debut? Where did they get this information?

6. She appears to be a mix of Sana and Tzuyu I can already see she’s gorgeous.

7. I see Sana

8. Wow, she’s insane for real She’s Sana + Tzuyu

9. She’s a freaking doll

10. She’ll become the image of the 4th generation.

11. Take a look at the hair full of locks I’m so jealous. She looks exactly like Sana

12. I was thinking that it was Sana

13. Lee Nakyung + Sana. Beautiful and beautiful.

14. How can beautiful youngsters keep popping up? She’s just too beautiful.

15. JYP is crazy, where do they get these individuals?

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