[THEQOO] "I feel sorry for Han So-hee and Ryu Jun-yeol" Delete publications + statement from 9ato

“'[Exclusivo] Han So-hee, 'I'm sorry for hurting Ryu Jun-yeol'

Han So-hee's agency said she was feeling sorry for her former partner Ryu Jun-yeol.
A high-ranking official from Han So-hee's agency told Wikitree on the 2nd, “Han So-hee expressed her wish to apologize and reflect on Ryu Jun-yeol.”
An official said, “Han So-hee feels sorry for Ryu Jun-yeol,” and “Han So-hee said that her heart is heavy, especially because she feels like he hurt her (Ryu Jun-yeol) with comments after the breakup.” “I think her behavior is so cool,” he said. “I won’t let my guard down like that from now on.”

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: “Han So-hee feels sorry for Ryu Jun-yeol” post + Nine Ato remarks deleted.
1. Is she a drama queen?
2. Did you finally understand what ‘angry toward men’ was after seeing Han So-hee?
3. The moment we broke up, I went out to protect Ryu Jun-yeol again. I'm crazy about men haha
4. Apologize to Hyeri instead.
5. Huh? Did you break up? What happened during day 1?
6. Funny that he took to Wikitree to share his version.
7. But I don’t trust Wikitree. I think this is fake
8. Let’s stop, please…
9. Isn’t Wikitree fake news?
10. Who writes Han So-hee’s writing?
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