ILLIT encore stage live singing ability

video: Illit ‘Magnetic’ Encore

source: K-Pop via YouTube

[+1,300] I thought only Minjoo had his microphone on… His voice is at a different level and is the same as the digital song.

[+822] Since when have we, the audience, had to watch this encore song anxiously? It's not like we can complete the entire song on our own, so why bother trying?

[+540] Although YG is not what it used to be, it continues to release idols who can perform live. YG's training is incredibly thorough. The only thing that happens is that as he keeps delaying his debut, he loses all his talent to other companies. Julie from Kiss of Life is an example of YG training.

[+2,000] Wow, I want to hear Minjoo sing the song from beginning to end. Her voice is so good.

[+531] I think there's a reason why Minjoo plays that role. He's the best at singing haha.

[+807] Didn't everyone say you were talented when you were selected in the survival competition?

[+75] There are 23 girl group members in Hive, and I think more than half of them are tone deaf… Minju is the most stable. I thought it was just the visuals, but the singing is good too.

[+695] Sihyuk, are you going to keep insulting us like this?????????

[+127] Hive poisoned K-pop

[+455] For a moment there, I thought Sakura was debuting for the fourth time.

[+2,800] A bright future awaits democracy. Even in such a tearful situation, the vocals were strong… Yuna's voice is also very good.

[+224] At this point, I'm really curious why these idols debut.

[+121] As if Hybe didn't already make it easy enough by giving them easy-listening songs, why can't they even sing them?

[+116] Every single Hive girl group live performance.. haha

[+623] Live skills that make you take a step back.. They are indeed a sister group to Le Seraphim..

[+612] Do Japanese people basically have a trembling voice? What's going on…

[+466] Hybe may be the hottest trend, but SM, YG, and JYP are still leading in terms of talent.

[+73] Moka is continuing the trend of Japanese singers like Momo and Sakura.

[+856] Wow, Moka… she’s on Sakura’s level.

[+125] It feels like watching Le Seraphim Encore…

[+181] There are two Sakuras in this group…

[+356] Hive is playing a big role in lowering the standard of K-pop. At least the Old Top 3 had live skills as a basic requirement for debut. It doesn’t matter how much focus you put on performance if your skills don’t form the foundation of your foundation. Since they didn't exist back then, I don't know how much worse these days' new generation idols are than the first generation idols, who are famous for having zero trainee experience.

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