I’m assuming that this group is so famous in the world?

I just came across it on twitter… I didn’t even know ATEEZ was this well-known… This is very interesting

1. The venue had 19000 seats in Newark and were sold out. In LA they also sold out their 17000 seats in LA.

2. The shows of ATEEZ are well worth the price yuyuyu incredible live and their live images are 500x more beautiful and they’re ear candy and eye candy. Yu should hear ATEEZ live..

3. That’s crazy! !

4. If you look at it from the other perspective there are plenty of foreign fans that would promote awareness of KPOP however the sheer size of a fanbase coming from a smaller-medium size agency is quite impressive… They’re idols that are recognized wherever they travel. Their Korean fans are growing as well. They’ll certainly grow more popular. The 2019 show versus 2022..

5. They even composed ATEEZ in the concert hall


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