Hyuna and Yong Junhyung appeared at the airport together.

article: Hyuna ♥ Yong Jun-hyung, holding hands tightly at the airport, “Hyuna-hyung is a sickly man”

source: Nate + News via Nate 1

[+78, -0] Why are all the men related to Hyuna so sick lol?

[+45] That person really likes the sick-looking type.

[+42, -0] He looks like a patient with an incurable disease who will soon pass away…

[+42, -0] Is Hyuna a vampire? Why do all her men look like this?

[+36, -0] Is he cosplaying in the early morning??

[+23, -0] lol

[+16, -0] I hope the breakup with E'Dawn goes well and Hyuna and Yong Junhyung stay together forever.

[+13, -0] Wow both are too short

[+4, -0] Is she directing him to rehab?

[+4, -0] I'm sorry to be so harsh, but taking my grandfather with dementia to a senior citizen facility really stands out. Hyuna always looks normal, but why do the men look so sickly?

[+3, -0] Hwang Hana looks like Park Yuchun…

[+3, -0] Is he drunk?

[+2, -0] You look like a mother dragging her child.

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