[PANN] Prejudice aside, who do you think is objectively prettier…?

Between Go Yoon-jeong and Han So-hee

(Vote for GYJ, no for MSM)

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Article: Regardless of prejudice, who do you think is objectively prettier…?

One. [+328, -13]
Actually, this will depend on your taste;; But even though they are equally pretty, their beauty is completely different.
2. [+289, -299]
Go Yeon-jeong has a beautiful face made in a factory. She's just one case where her surgery went very well. If you look at each of his features, they are flawless thanks to plastic surgery, but overall, he looks like he was made in a factory. Han So-hee also had surgery, but she still has personality, so I would like to give her my vote. To Han So-hee
three. [+288, -69]
Isn’t Go Yeon-jeong a natural beauty? she is so pretty
4. [+268, -81]
Han So-hee is unpleasant, but she is prettier… Go Young-jung has big eyes, a high nose, and her face is not asymmetrical, so I don't know why Han So-hee looks prettier…
5. [+157, -43]

Honestly, I don't understand how they say it's a face made in a factory… If that's the case, then there must be countless Go Yoon-jungs in our country. LOL The faces made in a factory are Gangnam Unni or BJ.

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