[PANN] Kim Ji-won's idol style is really crazy pretty ㅠ

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Article: Kim Ji-won’s idol style is really crazy pretty ㅠ

One. [+51, -1]
Kim Ji-bon's face shape doesn't age, but she looks even younger because she's treated like a celebrity… What are people who have an inferiority complex?
2. [+36, -2]
Here you go? Why are the comments like this? I feel like I look very young haha. I thought it was a pre-debut photo.
three. [+33, -2]
That guy looks really good in it. It's a shame that she only has the style of an actress. I wish there were more styles like this. Her smile is also very attractive.
4. [+32, -2]
His images are absolutely crazy.
5. [+20, -2]
The Queen of Tears will be released on March 9th, so please show your interest. Isn’t it so pretty? ㅜㅜ

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