Jamie Shared a Tweet About Jae Park Jaehyung’s Issue



1. She is really a saint. I would have experienced so disgusted when I watched that video clip as well as how he was chuckling would have turned me feel a lot more disgusted

2. She’s honestly kind

3. I see she is a truly forgiving person coming from a very long time ago. Fighting

4. Jimin is an excellent person

5. The better you realize Jimin, the better you notice she is a great person.

6. She is a great person… He will need to be grateful to get close friend much like her

7. She is a great woman. I should be that way too

8. The man stated a lot of bullsh*t however, I do not recognize him myself. Instead of lowering connections with him. I feel as Jamie thought she will have more closure in case she decided it easily like that. She is extremely adult, though she might possibly give him the idea that he is able to abuse her much more within the future… If I were her, I would have reduce association with him in the five seconds

9. Wow I would have cut ties with him. She is a saint

10. She is not just a saint but a great friend. Jae seriously should not do that particularly to his good


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