[PANN] Lisa's hair and makeup at a Taylor Swift concert

-Singapore Taylor Concert-

The outfit was very modern so everyone recognized it haha.
And they played Pink Venom before the concert too lol.
(Taylor Swift's tours have a list of songs played before concerts, and Pink Venom has been played at every concert. It's the only KPOP song to do so.)
(Not long after Pink Venom came out, Taylor Swift used this song as her BGM at the VMAs and closed her TikTok account haha. It seems she really likes the song)

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Article: Lisa's hair and makeup at Taylor Swift concert.
One. [+16, -2]
I feel like something is going to be posted on IG… haha ​​isn't that too much of a two-shot…? Haha please post it on IG ㅠ
2. [+16, -2]
Those rates are unbelievably crazy.
three. [+16, -2]
Wow, she's so pretty
4. [+15, -2]
Wow, the celebrity aura is amazing even from afar…

5. [+14, -2]
Damn it's pretty, the aura is crazy.

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