[PANN] I'm honestly disgusted with the way the media covers Newjeans.

New Jeans' younger brother group ILLIT, shocking real-life fancam.

“Illit members going to radio broadcast”

“Brilliant debut of New Jeans’ younger brother group! Magnetic by Illit”
By subtly copying New Jeans' concept, it is attracting attention not only from domestic but also overseas fans.
It even resembles the choreography of New Jeans and Le Seraphim to the extent that one wonders if it was aimed at them.
Even though they are older on average, the media portrays them as if they are New Jeans' younger brother group lol.
Even though they are from the same agency, the producers are different, but they shamelessly imitate the concept and unrivaled skills of successful girl groups in order to attract attention and gain popularity.
Fans strongly deny the similarities, but for every ILLIT-related comment, there is conversation about New Jeans in Korean, English, and Japanese lol.
So they're still claiming they didn't do it on purpose?
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Article: I am honestly disgusted with the way the media is playing with Newjeans.
One. [+54, 0]
Enhyphen sisters, what kind of ‘New Jeans sisters’ are they? Hahahahahaha
2. [+48, -2]
Expropriate. New Jeans' younger sisters will become my Min Hee-jin and debut as ADOR. You're trying every possible means to become famous. I'm getting more and more depressed…
three. [+43, -2]
And they are the ones who hate New Gene lol.
4. [+37, -9]
ILLIT and RIIZE are cheap copies of NewJeans lol.
5. [+32, -1]
People are saying that New Jeans is a fraudster and they are trying to attack him. The survival program failed so they are trying to gain recognition like this.
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