[PANN] In my opinion, Han So-hee doesn't seem to know what transference love is.

She continues to get angry and insists that she didn't cheat.
So I think she's confusing “spreading love” with cheating.
Here, ‘spreading love’ generally refers to moving on to someone else immediately after a breakup without taking any rest.
Just like when changing subway lines, 'transfer' doesn't mean splitting yourself in two to catch a different train… it means changing subway lines in 20 minutes.
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Article: It seems to me that Han So-hee doesn't know what transference love is.
One. [+209, -2]
Ryu Jun-yeol seems to have made up his mind a long time ago, but he just lied to both of them.
2. [+139, -34]
I thought so too haha. I was thinking, “Isn't a transfer about changing someone else? Why are they saying it can't be done?”
three. [+114, -2]
It's true that Ryu Jun-yeol deserves to be hated here, but his girlfriend takes all the hate on him lol.
4. [+112, -1]
Separate from Han So-hee's remarks, regarding the relationship transition, Ryu Jun-yeol seems to have tricked Han So-hee into believing that he had already ended the relationship even before he started dating Hyeri. Therefore, from Han So-hee's perspective, she seems to have been unfairly labeled as a 'previous grade' even though she did not think of it that way. That's why she's so restless. Honestly, I think Ryu Jun-yeol is at fault in terms of transfers.
5. [+73, -7]
That's right… So I don't think the conversion is bad… Ryu Jun-yeol was a bit disappointing, but Han So-hee really made it bigger than this ㅜㅜ
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