[PANN] I was watching Sana’s fancam lol.

It was so pretty that I took a screenshot.
The older you get, the more attractive you become. Damn, he's turning into a woman.

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Post: I was watching Sana’s fancam lol

One. [+48, -5]
Her face is pretty, cute, sexy and attractive.

2. [+34, -3]
Sana Mana without Sana
three. [+23, -2]
All TWICE members have good visuals… but Sana looks really amazing, damn it.

4. [+19, -1]
I hope I can see TWICE for a long time. I just hope it lasts…

5. [+18, -3]
What’s interesting is that it reminds me of the Likey days.
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