Brian reveals that his ex is an actress who is now married

Article: Brian “My first girlfriend was an actress…she glared at me when I introduced her on TV, now she's married”

Source: News 1 by Nate

[+128, -4] He went around telling everyone that his brother had bad breath and insulted everyone around them. I feel sorry for all his friends who have dealt with his mental illness.

[+77, -3] He doesn't seem to mind his words.. always talking about others behind their backs on TV..

[+74] Sometimes people smell, it happens. Depending on their condition, how long they have been working, whether they are sick – bad breath and sweat is just how the body works. While the rest of us try to make sense of it, Brian is out there holding everyone to his own narrow standards and judging them. He doesn't think much. I really wonder what will happen if his future partner gets sick with a disease… will he dump her because he is “dirty” to her now?

– [+9, -0] That's right… people can smell any number of ways and talking in public like that says a lot about it.

[+48, -1] I think there is so much talk about him being gay that he will do anything to try to get out of it.

[+11, -0] Is he a stranger?

[+5, -1] People smell better as they get older, what is he going to do? Throw out his partner…?

[+2, -0] Come on, boy. Still trying to be funny. Let's not kill him.

[+1, -1] He has been speaking without filter for a long time, he should be careful

[+1, -1] Never date someone who talks about you in public like this after your breakup

[+1, -1] Please stop talking about your partners… it's not like she's single, she's a married woman now. It's obvious that people around you two can tell who you are quite easily… always say insulting things about him like this;;; I know you are here now but don't waste this new opportunity by running your mouth carelessly;;

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