[PANN] I finally got to hear Rosé’s voice ㅠㅠㅠ

Blackpink Rosé sings ‘I-Land 2’ cue song… with Teddy’s support”

Group Blackpink's Rosé will be supporting 'I-Land 2: N/a'.

According to News 1 coverage on the 28th, Rosé will participate in the title song of Mnet's K-pop girl group debut project 'I-Land 2: N/a'.

'I-Land 2: N/a', which returns for its second season, will capture the journey of the birth of a girl group that will lead a new trend in the global music market through special collaboration. I've never done this before. I've seen it before.
It will be released on April 4th at 6pm!
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Article: Finally hearing Rose’s voice ㅠㅠㅠ

One. [+39, -1]

Rosé, you can refuse that, this song might be released digitally. This shows her attitude towards them. She already has the smallest part of her entire album and now he's using her to promote her Teddy's show. This shows Teddy's class.
2. [+36, -1]
Teddy is using Rose again. Just Dance also used Rose during the demo, but now they are using Rose again haha. Please release this song digitally as well.
three. [+29, -0]
It's nice to be able to hear his voice and new song, but this isn't a digitally released certified song, it's a song made for the kids debuting on that show. Rose has been working on his next solo album for three years and was planning to release it within the year, but they are using him to promote this show instead. This is truly amazing. And in the meantime, it even hindered collaboration with other artists.
4. [+26, -2]
???? But this is not Rose's song. It's just Teddy using Rose to promote his own f*****ck. It's annoying. Don't steal Rose's time preparing for her solo album. And Rose is so kind that I don't think she could turn them down either. And despite Blackpink's two full-length albums, they treated their lead vocalist like shit, and now they're blatantly using it. Yeah, I hate Teddy.
5. [+20, -2]
It's been almost 3 years since your last solo album came out, so this is coming out in 7 days? I'm so fucking happy (t/n: sarcastic)
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