[PANN] An Yujin is crazy nowadays

An Yujin looks extremely pretty lately.
Especially when she was wearing that off-shoulder top and a ribbon in her short hair, she was crazy.

I can't think clearly since An Yujin suddenly became prettier.
Brooches and ribbons go well with her short hair.

An Yujin's appearance has been crazy lately.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: An Yujin is crazy nowadays.

1. [+16, 0]
Her face is pretty, she is 173 cm tall, she has good proportions, she is good at singing and live, she is good at dancing, she can execute any concept well, and she even has good leadership skills. She is so perfect as an idol. Her personality is also super charming ㅋㅋ And she is a regular member of Earth Arcade and Crime Scene

2. [+15, 0]
I found her nice in Earth Arcade but I totally became her fan in Crime Scene… Her whole person seems so healthy…ㅠㅠ

3. [+15, -1]
I really like Yujin with a high bun or half up ㅜㅜ She's been in her legendary days since they changed her beauty salon. I also like how her style has become more diverse.

4. [+13, -1]
He has the face of someone with a good personality… first of all, his eyes are clear and beautiful so it gives the impression that his heart is also clean. People say that someone's eyes say a lot about themselves, right? His overall impression is that of someone intelligent.
5. [+12, -1]
She is very pretty with her half up hairstyle. I hope they style it a lot like that.
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