[PANN] Hul what is it about "Coming Soon" from Lisa?

*Heartbeat* I wonder what he's preparing… A dance video?

Update+) She also posted her story and it says 2/8? That's tomorrow, daebak

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Article: Hul, what is Lisa's “Coming Soon” about?

1. [+30, -7]
Wow… knowing Lisa's personality, something big must be coming. Her personality is cautious so she would only post things if they are confirmed… crazy, I really want this to happen… please have her come in February…

2. [+23, -3]
I don't know what it is but if it's Lisa, it must be something big.

3. [+21, -3]
What is it? Why so suddenly? I wasn't expecting anything but this makes my heart race. I didn't think Lisa was preparing anything. She was waiting for everyone's solo activity and I thought BP would just do brand ambassador events until her full group returned and everyone was on vacation. This is so amazing. I'm too curious

4. [+20, -3]
I'm looking forward to this

5. [+17, -3]
Lisa, what have you prepared againㅜ? Not just Lisa, but I feel like all of BP is working hard and quietly and we will get official news soon. Fangirling is so much fun when there are surprises like theseㅋㅋ
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