JYP criticized the use of photos without Lia for ITZY's 20 million followers

Article: ITZY's agency is really crazy;

Source: Branding Day via Instagram

[+121] Lia must feel so bad for those who just label her as invisible with her looks like this.

[+54] Five ITZY!! Five ITZY!! Love you Lia!!

[+29] Didn't they choose their latest promotional video?

[+17] Judging by the way JYP usually handles these things, maybe Lia wants it

[+1] This is why I don't like JYP.. they may treat their artists well but they really lack when it comes to promoting comebacks.

[+0] It feels like Lia is going to be in this situation.. there is no reason to cast a movie without her in it.

[+0] They knew people would talk about it so why would they go out of their way to pick up this picture… Maybe they were just trying out the answers to the campaign freeze and finally decided to take Lia out. .?

[+0] Aren't most K-Pop songs that don't celebrate demographics?

[+0] What is JYP doing? Lia is also ITZY. Just because he is recovering from his illness does not mean that you can treat him as if he is not there.

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