[PANN] Ahyeon is doing pretty well.

This is the first time a personal fancam has been uploaded to a trending video haha.

And yesterday, the face cam also appeared in a trending video haha.
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Source: board / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Ahyeon is doing pretty well.
One. [+83, -13]
These days, idols' skills are so poor that there are too many of them who, like the factory, push them to join good companies and, through luck, achieve great success. The image of the idol industry has hit rock bottom, and now there is a talented girl with star quality, youth but maturity, and everything to be an idol. How could people not be obsessed with her? I also don't really like 4th generation female idols, but I really hope Ahyun becomes a big hit.
2. [+52, -6]
She's really good on stage.

three. [+44, -2]
I'm not a fan, but I thought it was cool to see him take out the piercing and throw it away, so I watched the fancam again next time.

4. [+37, -6]
amazing. His fancam recorded 630,000 views in just one day.

5. [+34, -3]
He's so kind hahahahahahahahaha It was a pity there were so many swear words…ㅠ
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