Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung were spotted in Bangkok.

article: Hyuna♥Yong Junhyung, seen holding hands and touching each other on the streets of Bangkok… A confident date for an open couple

source: Via Sports Chosun Nate

[+63, -1] Hyuna gained a positive image by showing her devotion and loyalty to Dawn… but now it all fell apart because of Yong Junhyung. Not only is she inconsiderate, she is also unfaithful~

– [+20, -0] I feel sorry for Dawn.

[+23, -7] No one asked me to tell you ????????✌️

[+10, -1] I don't think Hyuna really cares much about her appearance…

[+3, -0] This is the guy who got kicked out of BEAST, right?

[+3, -0] I don't know how you can expose a man like this in public… Don't you feel humiliated?

[+3, -3] BEAST and 4Minute join together

[+3, -1] No one cares… Ugh!! Oh, don't post about them!!!

[+1, -0] What more can you say if you date him after you fully know who he is?

[+0, -0] I just… feel sorry for Dawn for some reason…

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