Legend female k-pop idol who is taking take care of her hoobaes

The name is Kim Taeyeon.

Taeyeon has been pushing Aespa since their first appearance. Taeyeon has even posted about them more frequently these days.

A very happy birthday wishes her hoobae

Write using the nickname of the group.

Take a look at the fan accounts of Aespa.

She also promotes new songs

She even admitted her affection for her hoobaes.

Mentioning aespa:

They’re so adorable!

1. It would be wonderful for a Sunbaenim similar to Taeyeon.

2. I’m an MY , but I really enjoy Taeyeon…

3. Thank you for everything, unnie!

4. I’m a huge fan of Winter But Taeyeon-nim is sweet and adept in taking care of her hoobaes. Taeyeon-nim is a sweet lady.

5. I really enjoy Kim Taeyeon. In an interview for an online magazine, she talked about STAYC. She is just very sweet.



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