Han So-hee wrote/deleted a post exposing her dating rumor with Ryu Jun-yeol and called out Hyeri again.

article: In response to another post calling out Hyeri, Han So-hee said, “I want to ask what's so funny.”

source: Newsen via Nate

[+548, -62] Honestly, what's wrong with him? Ugh, he's so pathetic and I don't like him.

[+413, -21] Does your boyfriend have no mouth? Isn't he next to you? Why is he using you as a shield? He's absolutely terrible. News already broke that they broke up in November under the pretense that they were still going to talk more, but how do you know they were officially over in November when you're not even the one in the relationship? Did your boyfriend tell you that? When someone waits for you to tell them they want to talk more clearly, it means things aren't completely over yet. And of course your boyfriend will tell you to your face that it's over. I don't think he'll confess, “Yeah, actually, I still have feelings for that person, so I said let's talk more.” …” Haha then, I met that person after hearing the news that they broke up on November 13th and started dating on November 15th. If it's not a transfer, what is it? Hahaha I think it's better to keep quiet for now, so please just keep your faces out of the way. I promise I'll stop swearing

[+329, -34] Did I lose my mind because of this man? That person needs to control himself.

[+297, -20] No, this is for you… goodbye. If you really want to ask Hyeri, call her… She said she would apologize, but I don't think she's even talked to me since things turned out like this…

[+275, -26] If you are sure your relationship is clean, continue dating that person and keep quiet. Why do they keep bringing Hyeri’s name into the issue? Because obviously you know you're guilty…

[+59, -1] Hyeri's message is for Ryu Jun-yeol, not you… Why are you jumping up and down like this?

[+58, -0] I deleted it as soon as I posted it hahahaha I was surprised even though Ryu Jun-yeol's appearance was put down..

[+60, -0] Stop… stop… Han So-hee ㅜㅜ If you're so curious about what Hyeri is talking about, go ask your boyfriend. Why do you call Hyeri like this in public?

[+58, -0] Please be quiet… Does he have any agency?

[+54, -1] You still get so angry saying it's 'fun' lol. There's still so much to say. Hyeri said one thing, and Han Sohee said 10 things.

[+52, -0] I don't even know what triggers her anymore.

[+44, -0] Well, we all want to ask why you are doing this. Be quiet and ask Hyeri directly.

[+42, -2] She continues to present herself as a bubble. She is nothing as a human being.

[+41, -1] Ah… I'm tired…

[+39, -0] He said he apologized and tried to fight with Hyeri again…

[+38, -0] She really can't bear not to get the last word… she doesn't see this couple lasting…

[+36, -0] Can Ryu Jun-yeol block her social media?

[+35, -0] That mouth will bring death to her career

[+35, -0] It's getting more and more sad… You can clearly see that he's going through something mentally… I wish Ryu Jun-yeol would open his mouth just once.

[+33, -2] What is the attention? Haha.

[+32, -1] I gave up after trying to read a few lines, but I'm so tired.

[+25, -0] I'm a very difficult person to be around, so I get tired just by reading the news.

[+24, -1] Oh my god, please shut up ㅡㅡ

[+23, -0] Is Ryu Jun-yeol even on this earth now? Why is that person silent?

[+23, -0] How about calling the man who has been hiding behind you?

[+21, -0] Why doesn't the agency take 4N away? There's nothing scarier than an adult making a teenager cringe. No wonder he deleted it so quickly when he knew he did something wrong. He's going through emotional turmoil. He's in middle school.

[+19, -0] It makes me so sad to think that I typed all of this in a state of rage for igniting something that was already dying…

[+17, -0] Ah hahaha my hands and feet are shaking from embarrassment.

[+15, -0] She knows there's something fishy about Ryu Jun-yeol's story… and she wants confirmation from her ex that the story adds up, that he's telling the truth, and that she can keep seeing her image tank as long as their love is real. . Something like that~

article: Han So-hee, article siding with Ryu Jun-yeol + ‘delete’ Hyeri’s public mention… “I’m sorry for my impatient nature.”

source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+132, -1] It's not that you have an impatient personality, you just have a really strange personality…

[+103, -1] This is not a personality issue, but an inability to control anger.

[+61, -1] How hard would it be for her boyfriend to have to deal with her being triggered like this all the time?

[+43, -0] Why bother writing something you're going to delete anyway?

[+34, -1] Ryu, I don't think I can get out of this relationship safely…

[+5, -0] You must be regretting it even now.. The more I know, the more strange it gets.. The chic image I built up all this time has gone to waste haha. It's annoying.

[+2, -0] This is why everyone around me is having a hard time… It's out of control.

[+2, -0] Is there anyone around? Why doesn't anyone take her phone away?

[+1, -0] It seems like the agency has also lost control…

[+1, -0] Why is she, who is prettier and more famous than Hyeri, so triggered that this whole thing ruins her career? All he's doing is ruining his image and elevating her reputation…please stop…

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