BTS Jungkook makes netizens excited with his latest cover

BTS Jungkook updates Instagram with the cover of Park Hyo Shin‘s track.

Thank you for the present.

1. I am in love with it to the core I’m so grateful.

2. Thanks Jungkook. His voice is so great. I’m glad that Jungkook shared songs and dance tracks on Instagram

3. It’s as if he’s talking to me on the phone, so please listen to him with headphones, it’s insane

4. Thank you very much Jungkook, for singing such a wonderful song. I love you so much.

5. Jungkook-ah is a great voice, I really enjoy your voice. It’s crazy.

6. How could I not be in love with Jeon Jungkook? I’m not sure.

7. Wow, this is one of the greatest songs Jungkook performed, it is a perfect fit for his voice so well.

8. I am in a state of shock… I’m having eardrum melts. ears seem to be melting…

9. Jungkook is always focused on singing and dancing

10. Our Jungkook is the most popular


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