Which groups have super positive relationships with each other?

[Note: OP’s title asks’ which groups have friendships which are really worth selling?’, meaning that groups have some excellent relationships that they are actually really worth selling, i.e. are that valuable]

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1. [+146][-167] But this’s significantly BTS..

2. [+322][-146] NCT Dream ‘s story is simply so f*cking perfect

3. [+272][-79] I signed up with BTS’ fandom since I truly f*cking loved the relationship of theirs

4. [+131][-31] NCT Dream is for serious, all those guys…

5. [+114][-28] I signed up with NCT Dream ‘s fandom due to their story..

6. [+114][-32] Seventeen

7. [+104][-20] This’s truly NCT Dream – you cannot beat the story of theirs. It is honestly so touching and also can make your heart swell – there are really a lot of incredible stories

8. [+86][-22] NCT Dream are fate.. Especially Jisung. and Chenle. Jisung was the very first person that taught Chenle Korean once they were children, then they were raised and met within the exact same group


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