[INSTIZ] CEO Sohee Han "There are no comments to make. sorry"…SNS ‘Attack Hyeri’

When actress Han So-hee's post criticizing her boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol's ex-girlfriend Hye-ri spread through her SNS, her agency protested.
On the 29th, Han Sohee's agency Nine Ato Entertainment said, “We will not comment on the controversial SNS post. We apologize.”
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

CEO Han So-hee “Sorry for no comment”… SNS 'Hyeri attack'

1. I feel sorry for the company too haha.
2. I feel so sorry for the CEO.
3. What crime did the company commit?
4. The company seems out of control.
5. But isn’t it obvious that this isn’t company work? LOL.
6. Ah hahaha, the company has nothing to say hahahaha.
7. My phone must have exploded…..
8. What do you want the company to do? She is the one making her own statements.
9. The employees did nothing wrong…
10. The company apologizes.. Oh my.

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