My buddy not aware of what BLACKPINK is, even as 20 years old?

My friend who watches animes, does not watch variety shows, dramas or films, isn’t aware of the meaning of BLACKPINK can mean.. She isn’t aware of what IU is like, and is only familiar with one famous song. If I inquired if I knew Jennie she replied that she had heard of her often… Does this mean she knows Jennie? possibly true? ?… It was my intention to show her a photo of GD and she didn’t know who she was…

1. It seems like she is only a fan of anime.

2. This is a miracle.. I’m stunned.

3. If you’re not interested in idols, then you don’t have any idea about BLACKPINK. Does she really not know Jennie? I’m shocked that she doesn’t even know what IU is like.

4. She doesn’t even know who BLACKPINK is, because she doesn’t really care about idols

5. While she doesn’t think for idols. She does not know what IU is like? Did she talk to her peers? …? Absolutely amazing

6. It seems like she does not care about famous people

7.  I’m somewhat surprised.

8. If you’re not into idols, you’ll never hear of BLACKPINK.. They don’t host Variety shows. They simply make music

9. Do they not even know of the existence of BLACKPINK? Crazy

10. The people I live with are all muggles. However, they’re still aware of BLACKPINK and the other idols of pop.

11. What? Doesn’t she live in the mountains?


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