The hottest name these days is Kim Ji-won.

article: The #1 trend is not Kim Soo-hyun or Cha Eun-woo, but the ‘Queen of Tears’ Kim Ji-won.

source: Via Sports Chosun Nate

[+120, -3] Jiwon Kim is the best???? I hope she continues to be active for a long time❤️

[+92, -6] The only thing that stands out in the drama is her.. She is doing everything she needs to do..

[+57, -1] Honestly, I thought ‘Liberation Note’ would be her big hit drama, but like Yeom Mi-jeong, she was so perfect.

[+50, -2] She was really cool in 'My Liberation Notebook', but this time her beauty was at its peak. Or maybe this character is just too perfect for her and is letting her beauty shine through.

[+41, -4] I fell in love with Oran C CF, which captures her innocence. I hope she has more success.

[+4, -1] Saeron, this is how you build your career…

[+2, -1] I’ve been keeping an eye on it since ‘High Kick’. Now it's her time to make it big. Now no one can stop her.

[+2, -0] I like it so much haha

[+1, -0] Her acting is always consistent, she looks beautiful, there are no scandals, I love her!

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