[INSTIZ] Huh Yunjin really managed to get rid of his image

If you compare her to her days in Produce, she looks much better than her current image, huh, Yunjin is a sexy girl.

Source: Instiz / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Huh Yunjin really managed to get rid of his image.

1. Ah, but he looks much better with long hair.

2. She adapts much better to that haughty image

3. I feel like the first photo was so badㅜ I really liked the medium length hair that Huh Yunjin had during Produce, she gave off the actress/innocent vibe with her hair and makeup and it suited her well. But she is the most legendary with the luxurious and modern image.

4. I much prefer her image right now, she is the representative sexy girl.

5. She was my choice during Produce… I was so happy she debuted.

6. I love sexy girl Yunjin too much

7. The innocent Yunjiin was also very pretty, but the modern Yunjin is very pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Yunjin, I love you.

8. Was Hul Yunjin from Produce?

9. Seriously, she is better with the concept of sexy girl than with that ambiguous concept of cute.

10. It is a great relief that you made your debut with Le Sserafim.
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