[INSTIZ] Jang Da-ah’s real name is not Jang Da-ah.

This is Jinyoung Jang.

I wrote the names of older sister and younger brother because I thought they had completely different feelings.

But she was using a nickname.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Jang Da-ah’s real name is not Jang Da-ah.

1. Oh, I see.
2. Huh, I didn’t know hahahaha
> I looked for it too and now I know haha.
3. But it suits Jang Da-ah perfectly hahahaha
4. Wow, but her face looks a lot like Jang Da-ah lol.
5. But the name was so good that the nickname was
6. It suits Wonyoung so well and her name is so unique that I was suspicious that it was her real name.
7. But his nickname suits him very well.
8. Your face was so pretty in that scene…
9. The nickname is unique, but I think it was a good name. pretty
10. Seriously, she’s so pretty… Wonyoung is the youngest princess and her older sister looks like the eldest princess. But it is true that it is his nickname.
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