Hybe refers to the first group of girls: Le Sserafim

1. Did they break up Girlfriend to do.

2. Like a cosmetic brand name.

3. Give us back , Girlfriend.

4. It sounds like the name of the medicine. leserafim.

5. It sounds like the name of a hair salon.

6. Bang hyung, we need to diet. It doesn’t matter how much money you have when you’re not healthyas shown by Gun Hee, and Jobs Hyung.

7. Le Sserafim. sounds like some Tooniverse anime title for little girls.

8. What exactly do you think of Le Sserafim? This sounds like shampoo bottles you’d find in the sauna.

9. These remarks remind me of the time when BTS first came out with their initials.

10. It’s so odd.

11. Everyone is laughing at name, but it was the same reaction as when BTS first came out.


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