Dispatch caught up with Park Min Young at her drama party

Article: “Congratulations to our last group” Park Min Young's happy heart

Source: Posted by Nate

[+166] Thick-skinned

[+98] What's going on with his nose?

[+68] This is not the time to enjoy a party of the last group ㅋㅋ it's better to stay quiet at home ㅋㅋ

[+67] Such a thick face because of all that plastic surgery

[+61] Nothing but full of greed and delusions of grandeur~~~

[+7] What did he do with his nose… However, if he had only stayed active, his fame would have lasted like Hwang Jung Eum, but he is so greedy… he is finished his picture.

[+6] Seeing celebrities with thick skin makes you realize that it's not a job for everyone ㅋㅋ

[+4] Wow, this is how thick your skin needs to be to become a celebrity.

[+4] So you got 250 million won from him, huh? garbage

[+4] Isn't it a crime to let someone use your bank account like this?

[+3, -0] It's funny to me that he still denies it even though he said in Kang Jong Hyun's trial that he gave him 250 million won as a living allowance.

[+1] I can't believe he saw the Dispatch cameras and kept smiling at them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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