[INSTIZ] Hong Eun-chae must be having a hard time

He is the person who receives the most negative comments about Le Seraphim and also has the busiest schedule.
The rest of the members are probably all resting.

But I am also an MC and YouTuber… (Eunchae Star Diary)
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Hong Eun-chae seems to be having a difficult time.
1. It must be really hard to stand in front of people when everyone is swearing…
2. So I won’t throw stones at him now…
3. Since Eunchae’s Star Diary started, the hate has gotten worse.
4. I wish the company would take away my cell phone… but I know they can't…
5. My schedule is full, so I keep posting and the negative comments keep coming in. So I hope Eunchae continues to be brave…ㅜㅜ
6. I started getting all kinds of criticism last year, but I realized that Eun-chae is really the target of this generation.
7. That's not to say his remarks weren't problematic, but things are getting quite heated these days. People analyze her every facial expression she makes during her time as a Music Bank MC, and treat her like she deserves all her hate.
8. I wasn't particularly a fan of Seraphim, but it's really shocking how much criticism there is. An apology may help calm the situation down a bit.
9. If you truly hate that person, stop caring about that person. Please don't send her hateful comments. I pity her until she dies.
10. I think I need to get some rest for the situation to calm down.
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