Red Velvet’s Feel My Rhythm rise up Top 2 Melon


2nd and 3rd places just switched at the moment.

1. I really love this song. I’m always listening to it even after viewing their video performance. their comeback is incredible.

2. I was thinking the song was dull however when I hear it more the better it gets . The performance video is stunning it’s the music, the stage and makeup, the hairstyle, the dress all of it is gorgeous.

3. I found the track initially a little disappointing however, after seeing the performance, I enjoyed it.

4. I love the song. I also love their voices.

5. I really enjoy the track. The song’s lyrics are perfect for spring!

6. Personally, I really love this track. I’m not a fan of the songs of Red Velvet’s past however, I listen to this one every throughout the day.

7. I’d like to visit the cherry blossoms while listening this song.

8. This song that I am listening to while I commute to work makes me feel energized and happy.

9. It is what I play all morning on my way to work.

10. I really like the music… the stage looks beautiful.


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