[INSTIZ] T-ara Areum tries to make an extreme choice… Under treatment after being transferred to hospital

It is said that Lee Ah-reum, a former member of the group T-ara, attempted an extreme choice.
According to Areum Lee's side on the 27th, After attempting an extreme choice this morning, Areum Lee was taken to the hospital and is receiving treatment. Lee Ah-reum's side explained that after leaving a suicide note, she made an extreme decision and was taken to the hospital for treatment, but has not yet regained consciousness.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

T-ara Areum tries to make an extreme choice… Transferred to hospital and receiving treatment.

1. Isn’t he married??!?!? So she's suing her ex-husband.
2. I sincerely hope that you receive treatment well, recover well, and that everything goes well…
3. What is happening? ㅠㅠ
4. Oh my… please recover.
5. Two days ago, there was a post about someone making an extreme choice, but they said they tried again because there was an emergency…
6. Life is precious. It may be very difficult, but please live. A good day will come…
7. She seemed anxious since her T-ara days..
8. You must never die. S***ide can only offer comfort to the bitter husband and mother-in-law… I hope you get well soon and live happily with your children.
9. Live hard, many people are cheering you on…
10. And you were protecting the children. Cheer up…

t/n: She posted a provocative story on IG that included a claim with a photo that she was a victim of domestic violence. She also claimed that he and her husband's mother-in-law were abusing her.
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