Rose makes netizens crazy with her clothes

They may issue Harper’s Bazaar.

Rose is Saint-Laurent’s perfect fit… too beautiful!

1. She is the first and only Asian ambassador for Saint-Laurent, and the first and sole Asian global model for Tiffany & Co. It’s not different from saying she’s legendary and wrote the history of model modeling. ChaengLaurent ChaengFanny

2. This one is serious jjang…

3. Her aura is truly ChaegLaurent

4. So all her pictorials are the same, so this pictorial looks just like another. Blonde + windy locks that cover part of her face + SaintLaurent’s usual dispirited aura. Please, let me see her with a different vibe. Please show her different stylings

5. The logo is not required.


1. Rose is not wearing the originals, but the reformed. Let’s be real, Rose isn’t wearing the originals. She’s using the reformed ones. Rose would have made Saint-Laurent’s sales go down, I believe. They have too many strange clothes

2. These Rose photos are legendary!

3. She must be spoiler for her solo!

4. These clothes look like they were made by a pervert.

5. These are amazing!


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