Hyuna is posing at the airport as she leaves for Bangkok.

article: Hyuna ‘A real Barbie doll’

source: Newsen via Nate

[+52] Wow, it looks like an Annabelle doll

– [+1] That's it~

– [+1] I wondered why she looked so familiar

– [+6, -1] Now you have eyes

[+35] Reporter, have you ever seen a Barbie doll?

[+17] Ah…ahhhhhhhhh what…????

[+9] The reporter finished it haha.

[+3] Hahaha looks like Oh Nami

[+2] I have to stop the formalities ㅜㅜ

[+2] Where is the Hyuna I know? This is really cool;;

[+1] How did my face become that of an old woman??? Her plastic surgery or anything else is rotting away her natural beauty.

[+1] I'm really disappointed in her recent choices in every way.

[+1] It drives me crazy how celebrities keep getting plastic surgery despite everything that makes them attractive. Just leave the face alone.

[+0] I miss the ‘Bubble Pop’ days 13 years ago.

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