Kim Tae-hee takes a photo with Daniel Dae Kim for her appearance in 'Butterfly'.

article: Kim Tae-hee, proof of entering Hollywood… With Daniel Dae Kim

source: News via Nate 1

[+36, -3] With acting skills????????????

[+9, -3] I will disgrace our country with his skills.

[+9, -15] You're still so pretty, you're always the number one celebrity in my heart

[+4, -9] I don't think there is a beauty trio like Kim Tae-hee, Song Hye-kyo, and Jeon Ji-hyun yet.

[+0, -1] Oh, Kim Tae-hee doesn't seem to be the type of beauty that Westerners like, and especially her physique doesn't look like that. I think it would be embarrassing.

[+0, -0] She's definitely pretty, but her acting skills are a bit…

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