(Nate) Jeon Somi criticized by netizens for expensive makeup brand

Source: Nate / translation: KpopNetizen

Jeon So-mi launches highlighter worth 40,000 won… Price controversy ‘too expensive’ vs ‘reliable’

[+65, -1] I'm not an expert in this field, but it looks expensive… Jeongsaem water isn't that expensive either…

[+39, -3] If it's too expensive, don't buy it. Anyway, I've been watching Jeon So-mi ever since someone told me that she looks like Lee Da-Do-Si.

[+29, -2] I don't understand this controversy… If the price is outrageous, just don't buy it. It will disappear naturally.

[+20, -4] It's not very pretty for mixed race people…

[+2, -0] Is he a makeup expert or something? Haha 40,000 won? I would have been too scared to even apply their products to my face.

[+0, -0] 43,000 won, please purchase if you want. But not me. It's a free market, so what's the controversy? If people don't value the product for its price, it will naturally disappear.

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