Yulhee is enjoying her new freedom

Article: Yulhee -> drinking and hanging out at the cafe after dropping off babysitting “All I Want To Do”.

Source: Chosun Games by Nate

[+115, -3] la la, I feel bad for his kids

[+106, -6] How do you call yourself a real mother when you give such custody… how could she not take even one of the three kids?

– [+22, -3] He has no affection for children, la

– [+8, -14] Usually one parent gets all the custody, it's not good for kids to split them up. The court usually grants custody to the side that has the financial resources to maintain their life pre-divorce, and sometimes it can be the father. He should not be blamed for not wanting to remove them.

[+87, -2] Choi Minhwan-ssi, I wish you health and happiness with your children. We you ^^

[+81, -4] I'm leading the story all around, but how can she enjoy more than her two daughters going out drinking and partying? Would he not pity them at all? Do you really like drinking soju and coffee more than your kids?

[+11, -0] Really amazing Choi Minhwan for quietly taking care of the children, taking responsibility, and raising them quietly all the time

[+3, -0] No matter how much your father and grandfather, the kids will still feel the absence of their mother… what did they deserve? If he wanted to “do everything” he wanted at this time, couldn't he do it quietly? Is this a post about it?

[+2, -0] I just want to know if she offers help… she is free to “do everything” she wants, but I hope she doesn't forget her responsibilities to her children

[+2, -0] Do you guys feel bad for their kids? I feel bad for Laboum

[+2, -0] You can totally feel the freedom he feels from his station, and now I can see why he has released that guard

[+1, -0] In the beginning it was just corrupted. The pre-marriage, all that drama with her idol group…

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