The Vip Room which often SF9 Chanhee as well as Whiyoung went to

The couple visited a “pub” for Chanhee’s birthday with thirteen other males and have been discovered by police for breaking quarantine rules (staying past curfew hours), the news agency reported. Fire crews and police had to break through the door to get into the structure, however the bar was shut and locked. The agency tweeted they were “deeply reflecting right now.” ”


1. The kids locked the door and were playing inside till the authorities arrived.

2. It has to be wonderful to play with ladies in a salon.

3. Wow! That’s filthy!! Tsk tsk 2 individuals from one particular team, however because no one knows them, they can’t hate them.

4. Exactly why would they do that in case they understood they had been in the wrong?

5. The post declared: “When the door was discovered shut and locked, the police and firefighters forced the door wide open and entered.” ( This might have been a birthday celebration, but it looked like they’d plenty to hide.

6. Simply why are the fifteen but just 3 guests?

7. They wound up being Room-Ssa9 (Note: Room Salon)

8. What should the other pitiful members do?

9. What can you do about dead fish eyes?

10. As they’re unsuccessful idols, nothing is known about this.


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