What do netizens think about the TAEYEON “INVU” music video

1. I’m constantly listening to this track… Its attire hairstyle, makeup, and hairstyle the concept are legendary.

2. I really love this song.

3. I think Taeyeon is a vocalist who is committed to music. The song is amazing and the video is great

4. I’m listening b-sides to songs, but there’s not a song I’m not going to skip. I enjoy all the songs

5. It’s truly the most impressive music video of idols I’ve ever seen. Taeyeon’s fans must be satisfied

6. I absolutely am in love with Kim Taeyeon! She should continue to sing throughout her life.

7. Her face is insane She sings well, and her voice is wild

8. Everything is fine, except the chorus

9. Wow, she’s stunning. I love the idea for this video…

10. The title track from Taeyeon’s album This is my style that I like the most.


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