[PANN] Toretta is really not suitable for winter.

Hair, makeup, clothes, facial expressions, nothing stands out, but this is the first time I realized that less is more haha..
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Article: Winter really doesn't suit Torretta.
One. [+116, -45]
It suits her. Don’t project your inferiority complex.
2. [+104, -31]
The photo screams Photoshop, but it still matches well because it has a refreshing image.
three. [+103, -22]
The ad is coming out in April lol Why are people so angry? Is it because your bias is preventing you from closing a single advertising deal?
4. [+94, -25]
Do I have no knowledge in the field? I think it suits him
5. [+84, -19]
But Coca-Cola knows its image better than you do.
Coca-Cola explained that it selected Winter as a model because it judged that its brand image, loved for its clear, refreshing tone and versatile charm, matched well with Toretta's brand image.
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