Rihanna is actually pregnant

It looks like there’re many new reports relating to it recently so it must be accurate. The dad is A$AP Rocky.

1. Is the climate in America chilly? And in case you are expecting, you won’t get cold in your abdominal.

2. Our album is going to be pushed once more. An album is just an album and due to this reason I ought to congratulate her. Congratulation!

3. People question if she is pregnant each year, though this time it appears like it is actual.

4. It’s extremely amusing that fans of Rihanna ask her about the album, “looks like this season will not do either.”

5. Wow! This’s actually Daebak! I had been very excited to watch Rihanna turn out to be a mom. This youngster is likely to be gorgeous. Looking forward to recognizing their star element.

6. Go on and create a prenatal album.

7. Prenatal album.

8. Wow! Rihanna is generally pleased even with him!

9. Why baby’s parents extremely hot?

10. I’m extremely pleased that my two biases having kids.


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