Webtoon writer “whose” pulling discussions with him due he’s looking like a female

“I cut my hair short yesterday, now we won’t have Parkji with ponytail anymore..”

He’s the writer of S*icide Boy, Parkji (he’s male)


1. Hul, I was thinking that he was also a woman is that right? He was even on a TV show

2. He’s a man ???? Hul even looked at his photos a few times. I’m amazed.

3. I was certain that he was a man from at the first time I saw his pictures

4. I was thinking we would meet Yaongyi Why do we have to look at an individual?

5. Parkji also has a girl friend

6. He’s gorgeous for a man and woman, f*ck!

7. I clicked hoping to see Yaongyi KKK

8. Wow! He’s beautiful! thought that he was a girl

9. With no hair length it’s difficult to tell that there’s a feminine look to him. the guy just appears to be an obnoxious gender bender? Yeah, I was thinking we’d get to see Yaongyi

10. Ah, it’s Parkji this is a bit annoying


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