[THEQOO] Celine's new global ambassador ???? New Jeans Daniel

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Celine's new global ambassador ???? New Jeans Daniel.

1. She agrees with that statement.
2. Crazy, Daniyaaaaa
3. Oh? Have you always been with Celine?
4. Wasn’t Lisa the ambassador? So Lisa chose Louis Vuitton and Daniel chose Celine?
5. She agrees to become a Celine girl… congratulations
6. Has your contract with Burberry ended? Still, I think Celine suits me better.
7. Oh, I think Daniel is really modern and pretty these days. It suits Celine better haha.
8. Great, it goes well with Burberry, but it also goes well with Celine.
9, ah? He wanted Daniel to go with Celine because he hung out with her. It's much better than Burberry.

10. There was news like this a few months ago! Confirmed… Congratulations, congratulations.

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